Earlier today I wrote a couple of posts about an old comic book featuring the adventures of Tommy Tomorrow and the Planeteers. This comic series was written in the 1950s and 1960s and provided a vision of the 21st century. I am always intrigued by how science fiction authors  and the creators of comic books present the future. Interplanetary travel is a given by the year 2000, aliens are regular visitors by the year 2050 and kids are attending school on the moons of Saturn. The visions can be quite accurate, quite wrong and, at times, rather quaint.

Post offices and mail delivery in the 21st century
I would like to share another example from Tommy Tomorrow which I think is quite interesting given the changes that have taken place in technology during the last 50 years. This Tommy Tomorrow story features the mail delivery system of the future and as you can see in the image above mail is still delivered by hand and if you look closely at the last panel letters are still placed in pigeon holes with destination boards for Mercury, Venus and Mars visible in the background. The mail is delivered via spaceship yet the process still has a quaint feel about it.